Monday, 30 September 2013

Sharing what's been on my thoughts with you

I just started college a couple of weeks ago and it's been weird getting back in to routine, especially as in the Summer i had so much freedom with my time, i really miss that. I'm loving my timetable though, i have the whole of Monday morning off! *takes a moment to appreciate whoever sorted out my timetable*. I do have a lot more freedom and independence than i did at school though, but i do still miss it.

A couple of days ago i went back to my old school to pick up some old exam stuff and also it was one of my friends birthdays at sixth form; in all honesty i found the experience very weird and very nostalgic. I'm going to be real with you, it was so odd to see what I'd left behind, and it was just strange, everything was the same yet so different, this was when the nostalgia hit. It did make me think a lot about my choices though. I'm really glad with the choice I've made with which college to go to, change is good. It did get me thinking though, I just kind of wish i planned things more in general; I'm a pretty spontaneous "go with the flow" "wing it" "why not" kind of person, and i like that about myself, it's fun, BUT it's not always practical and in general I'd like to plan and think about stuff more and take things more seriously, instead of seeing what just happens.
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I got thinking( i tend to do that a bit) even though there is more freedom in college and probably in work; i don't want a standard life. In all honesty, i'm at college because i don't know what else to do and it's the best safety net, i do enjoy it, but i want to live. I don't know if that makes sense... i suppose everyone's got a different idea of what "living" realllly "living" is. For some people it might be a 9-5 job, I'm not slating that at all! I think it's wonderful and if it's what you want to do then go for it. For me, personally though that's not what gets me excited, i want to do something that will change peoples lives and result in fun, happiness, positivity and appreciation of life on my behalf. Maybe that involves travelling and doing practical things, maybe not. I'm not sure. What i do know is, i want to lead a life i love, and one thing i know for sure, i'm going to be taking a few gap years to find out what i want to do.

What do you think? What do you want to do with your life?

Saturday, 21 September 2013

DIY: Newspaper Nails

 Hey guys! So i was scouting the interwebs for a fun DIY to do and to show you all, that's when i came across this look- it's so easy to do and it looks great too.

Here's what you need:  Nude or light coloured Nail Polish(i used Pistachio Icecream by MUA), a clear Top Coat(I used Miss Sporty Lasting Colour), Newspaper and Vodka(or rubbing alcohol or mouthwash)
First thing first, put on the Nail Polish of you choice and wait for it to dry.
Then get a strip of newspaper that's big enough to go over your nail, soak it in Vodka, put it on your nail or nails and press firmly. After you've waited for a couple of seconds carefully peel it off.
Voila! I told you it was simple! i chose to just put it on my fourth fingers, but you can put it on all of them or any of your choice.
 I really like this look, it takes something simple and turns it in to something a little more interesting, but still in a simple way! I hope you enjoyed seeing how to do this and have lots of fun recreating it just like i did. Let me know in the comments below what you think :)

Monday, 2 September 2013

My Summer in photo's (+ what i'm doing next/autumn excitment.)

This Summer has been my best so far, i've had such a long holiday due to study leave and i like to think i've used it well. Here's some of the stuff i've been up to:

I've been to london with amazing friends and danced on stage at the O2 arena(HELLO), got baptised, just hung out and did life with people, spent time on holiday with my family, went bike riding, got to know some awesome people, used to this blog more(!), got my results, prom, did volunteer work, went to parties, got paid for the first time, learnt guitar and so much more. Reflecting back now, i'm realising how much of a genuinely amazing summer i've had, i just have no more words to describe how it's been.

I've had a blast- THANKYOU SUMMER 2013! 

I'm also really looking forward (although a little anxious) to Autumn, everythings starting up again and on the 11th i officially start college, i feel so old, but everything moves forward it's the nature of life, nothing stays the same and that's wonderful. If anyone's wondering what a levels i'm taking they're: Photography, Philosophy and Ethics, History and Government and Politics. I just hope i enjoy it!

 I'm also looking forward to the little things... pumpkin spice lattes, big cosy jumpers, fireworks, warm hugs. What are you looking forward to? comment below

Monday, 26 August 2013

My exam results + a burst of motivation and advice

 (Quick disclaimer: Obviously this post is more intended towards people younger than i am as i can't comment on a-levels, but who knows maybe if you're older than me you will also benefit from this. I'm in no way trying to show off, i worked hard to get these results and i know some people probably did better, but i'm super happy with these.)

Hey guys, so i got my GCSE results on Thursday and i love finding out what other people got so i thought i'd share mine with you all, how i got them and to offer you all a bit of motivation and advice.

I got 1 A*, 4 A's, 4 B's, 1 Merit and 1 Distinction, wowwwwwww! I am so happy and proud of myself, but  this time last year i was definitely not on these grades. I use to be so awful at maths i left year 10 on an E grade, but in year 11 i worked hard, was determined, had a great teacher and in November(3 months in) i bagged a C, and in March i got my B and if i didn't drop it i think i could of got an A. So i just want to encourage/motivate you all with this, nothing is impossible, you can achieve the things that seem impossible to you! I'm a living example.
Also some more advice i'd give is to speak out if you've got a rubbish teacher, at the end of the day these are your grades, switch classes or get tutoring, anything that will help you.

Finnally, RELAX. A lot of people need to just calmdown. Just have some time to relax, get in the right mindset; yes exams are very important, it may determine a part of your life, but it doesn't determine your whole life ever. Also getting stressed isn't going to help anything at all, just do your best, your best is enough and all anyone can ever ask of you. You will be ok.
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So to summarise, workhard, do your best, relax and just enjoy it! Nothing is impossible for you. I hope this has been been helpful to some of you, comment below what you think, lots of love.

Friday, 23 August 2013

The land of beautiful blondes, vikings and cycling

I've recently come back off holiday from Denmark, we were staying with some of my family and apart from being homesick i had a lovely time and i thought i'd share it with you. 

When we arrived we went straight to Lego land, it was so fun, i went on so many rollarcoasters, which isn't very like me, but i had a bit of a "yolo" moment... In all honesty it is beautiful though, i mean everything is made out of Lego!!! It's pretty cool.
 We also went to a cherry tree farm and picked lots of cherries(and ate alot too), i didn't get any pictures though because i forgot my camera, but that too was SO much fun, i love cherries. 

Whilst we were in Denmark, i really wanted to go cycling; i don't really get a chance to here in the UK because of the lack of cycle routes, but Denmark has SO many, everyone rides their bike. I was riding in the sunset aswell, it was so picturesque(until i crashed in to a hedge, it was dignifying)
 In the city we were staying, there was a really old village they'd made sort of museum-y which i found really interesting. I'm really in to history and culture, it was quite surreal seeing how people use to live.
 And of course, you can't be on holiday and not go to the beach; it was B-E-A-UTIFUL. White sand, clean blue sea.
So, that was my holiday, comment below how yours was, i love hearing what you guys have to say. Thanks for reading!

Thursday, 15 August 2013

L'Oreal Hair Expertise EverRiche Nourishing & Taming Shampoo & Conditioner (very dry rebellious hair) review + my hair routine.

2 for £9 at Boots. [Shampoo] [Conditioner]
This is quite an odd thing to review, but i was reading essiebutton's blog, she did a review about these products and loved it so i went out and got it to see for myself.

This is the best highstreet/drugstore shampoo and conditioner I've ever used. It just scores points in everything. It claims to: "leave hair feeling nourished, protected from dryness. Your hair feels satin soft and incredibly silky. Instantly tamed, your hair is easy to style and flows sumptuously with a brilliant shine." Usually i find if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is, but no, this actually did what it said it would do. It left me with really soft, healthy looking, shiny, alive hair. It's sulfate-free aswell which is a bonus, it has botanical oils too and anything that sounds natural just instantly grabs my attention. It smells great too, it's sort of like a vanilla smell, but not a sickly one,  a really natural vanilla, not too overpowering at all and the smell lasts aswell. They also do one for "dry and fine hair." I really recommend these products if your hair fits in to either category, it's amazing.


Whilst we're on the subject of hair, i thought it would be fun and even helpful to some of you to find out my hair routine. I have curly hair, because of the structure it's very dry and very frizzy, so i only wash it once or twice a week, which sounds disgusting, but it just doesn't really get greasy or dirty, it's just so dry.

 Before i wash my hair i brush it out, this makes it so much easier to wash and reduces tangles when you're finished. When I've finished washing my hair i rinse it with cold water, it just makes it a lot shinier. Then I just sort of grab my hair with a towel so it's not dripping wet, but still really wet and then i apply the John Frieda Frizz-ease Extra Strength HairSerum, after this i just sort my parting then leave my hair alone to air dry, (if you're in a rush use a diffuser) I don't brush or comb it when it's wet as i'm sure most of you know why, but when your hair is wet basically it's at its weakest which means it breaks a lot easier.
When my hair's damp/mostly dry i finger comb it (or you can use a wide tooth comb), because it's easier for me to remove tangles, i don't know if it's the best thing to do, but it's what i do.  I don't use any heat on it, occasionally i might straighten bits to flatten it down or make it look longer, but that's quite rare. I don't recommend using a brush at all if you have curly hair, it's going to make it go frizz-crazy.

That's basically it really, once a month i also deep condition by using a hair mask, it's a home made one and consists of coconut oil, avocado, honey and some other ingrediants, i'm planning on doing a post about this at a later date.

This is all just stuff I've picked up, i hope you found this interesting or helpful, leave me a comment below if you have any questions or tips for me or even if you just enjoyed reading this.

Monday, 5 August 2013

10 things about me you may or may not know

  1. The meaning of name is "like the moon" which i LOVE. It's a celestial name and I think it's beautiful and holds a lot of symbolism in a way? a lot of encouragements I've got from people have been about that, which is lovely.
  2. I wasn't born in the UK, I'm full Persian, i think it's pretty cool now, but i use to hate it when i was younger.
  3. I tend to have a lot of outspurts of love, i just  love love love people, i just think people are amazing and i really genuinely enjoy getting to know them. I also have the bestest friends in the entire world.
  4. You probably did know this, but i'm a Christian.
  5. I use to play the piano, once upon a time i was really good, but i quit and that's probably my biggest regret. I can still play a little, but obviously not as good.
  6. I get told a lot that i'm really weird, but i think it's because i just speak my thoughts.
  7. I am bi-lingual.
  8. I actually really care about the environment, and i'm really in to healthiness and natural/organic things
  9. My favourite place in the entire world is this little building on t-street.
  10. I'm not very good at finishing things, but i'm learning how to.

Hope you enjoyed finding out a little bit about me, comment below and tell me a random fact about yourself :)

Thursday, 18 July 2013

New beauty purchases i've been loving + review. (Real techniques expert face brush, Soap and glory supercat carbon black extreme eyeliner pen, LUSH bubblegum lipscrub)

Yep, I've joined the real techniques craze! I've always been a sponge or fingers makeup applier, which isn't great, but for a while now I've wanted a really good quality, reasonably priced brush, that i could get a lot of use from. 

You can imagine my happiness after seeing Zoella talk about this on her youtube channel briefly, it sounded perfect and after reading some reviews i got it. I have to say- this is one of my BEST purchases! i use it as a foundation and blush brush, it's just incredible, it does exactly what it claims to do. It's soft, the bristles don't come out, it's easy to wash(i use shampoo), and best of all, the exact product it takes in, it gives to your skin, so there's no product waste. More on the application side of thing, it's so easy to blend and it gives you a flawless finish, can't rave about this enough!

i loooooove big eyes, and for me i feel like my makeups not done unless i have eyeliner on(probably because i'm so use to wearing it). I'm a winged eyeliner girl and i've always been using kohl eyeliner for that,  i just found that the easiest, but it doesn't get you the best look. I've dabbled in liquid eyeliner, but it would just get in my lashes and never look right. 

However, I discovered the perfect compromise, an eye liner pen. It looks so great on, and the pen style of it makes application very easy, again it does what it says: "The foolproof marker tip creates two looks - Fine point for a natural look or thick edge adds a dramatic flash!" It is a bit tricky to get the hang of first if you're not use to it, but you soon do and it just a great eyeliner.

In terms of it being longlasting, it does last a long time, but if you need it to really stay on, i would recommend going over it again. It doesn't claim to be waterproof, and it's not, but saying that even after a massive waterfight, a good half of it stayed on, which sort of wins the whole long lasting argument for me. I would recommend this eyeliner to anyone.

I wear alot of lipstick, and over time it can make your lips really unhealthy and dry- this is what happened to me. If you know me, you know i'm really in to healthiness and organic stuff, so straight away i wanted something organic/natural, and this was recommended to me. 

The application was pretty straight forward, you only need the tiniest bit, it doesn't hurt as it uses sugar, to remove all the dead skin you do need to spend about 20 seconds rubbing it. It does make your lips feel a bit bare as it's just exfoliated it, so don't forget to put some lip balm on, like the directions on it say. 

Overall, It's such a brilliant product, does what it says, lasts ages, and after a couple of uses my lips were lovely and soft, it smells and tastes AMAZING too!

Thursday, 27 June 2013


My dress: Topshop
Shoes: Newlook
Bag: Kaliko
Yep, i went highstreet! and if you're in the year below me and thinking about what to wear, honestly don't be scared to go highstreet, the dresses are often nicer/just as nice and cheaper than boutiques or highend prom websites, and trust me, the likelyhood of someone turning up in the same dress as you won't go up. There's also a prom website i found out about(and wish i knew about sooner) called the dresses are beautiful and not overpriced, would definatley recommend checking it out.

I also did my own prom hair and makeup because i'm really fussy and the thought of someone doing it for me and me paying and not liking it is a big no,  because i wouldn't be comfortable on the night, unfortunately this happened to a few people. So, if you're thinking about it getting them done professionally, just be cautious, and i'd recommend getting your hair done professionally over makeup.

Moving on to the night- it was just LOVELY. Our prom
committee arranged a red London bus to pick us up from school and take us there, which i just really enjoyed, the atmosphere was so happy and getting there with all my friends was wonderful. Everyone looked so dapper too, and i really enjoyed seeing everyone in a more glamorous light, rather than the usual school uniform.
The girl on the far right is the wonderful Sacha, she's awesome and posts really fun/girly things, she's just done a Prom post, check it out:
When we got there i was in awe; the venue was absolutely gorgeous, it had such a lovely scenery and there was a gazebo, it was so old and just beautiful. There was also a  photographer and photobooth which was so much fun. One thing i suppose i would of liked there to be were better music and fireworks, that would of made the night for me. But, yeah, it was nice, a good ending to my 5 years at school.

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Giving the world a reason to dance

I'm massively late on the kid president hype, but it inspired, encouraged and motivated me, so i thought i'd share it. It make me have a feeling and urge to just DO. To get out there and do, to live, to make a difference, to see, to help, to be a light, and ofcourse; to give the world a reason to dance. For me, living like that isn't changing the world all at one time,  but it starts with random acts of kindness(evan almighty quote there), that could be making someone smile, doing something nice you wouldn't normally do, or making future you smile by working hard and getting great exam results. If you want to see what i'm talking about, then check it out and let me know how you feel: