Thursday, 27 June 2013


My dress: Topshop
Shoes: Newlook
Bag: Kaliko
Yep, i went highstreet! and if you're in the year below me and thinking about what to wear, honestly don't be scared to go highstreet, the dresses are often nicer/just as nice and cheaper than boutiques or highend prom websites, and trust me, the likelyhood of someone turning up in the same dress as you won't go up. There's also a prom website i found out about(and wish i knew about sooner) called the dresses are beautiful and not overpriced, would definatley recommend checking it out.

I also did my own prom hair and makeup because i'm really fussy and the thought of someone doing it for me and me paying and not liking it is a big no,  because i wouldn't be comfortable on the night, unfortunately this happened to a few people. So, if you're thinking about it getting them done professionally, just be cautious, and i'd recommend getting your hair done professionally over makeup.

Moving on to the night- it was just LOVELY. Our prom
committee arranged a red London bus to pick us up from school and take us there, which i just really enjoyed, the atmosphere was so happy and getting there with all my friends was wonderful. Everyone looked so dapper too, and i really enjoyed seeing everyone in a more glamorous light, rather than the usual school uniform.
The girl on the far right is the wonderful Sacha, she's awesome and posts really fun/girly things, she's just done a Prom post, check it out:
When we got there i was in awe; the venue was absolutely gorgeous, it had such a lovely scenery and there was a gazebo, it was so old and just beautiful. There was also a  photographer and photobooth which was so much fun. One thing i suppose i would of liked there to be were better music and fireworks, that would of made the night for me. But, yeah, it was nice, a good ending to my 5 years at school.


  1. Love these photos! Makes me want to go to prom again...haha I hate how my prom dress has been sitting in my closet for over a year now :(
    Check out my blog? (I've only just started but I promise I'll blog more!!) xx

    1. thanks lovely, me too i miss it! and sure thingg xx

  2. You and your friends look so lovely! Your dress is perfect
    Glad you had a great time
    Meg xx

    1. aw thankyou so much lovely! :) xx


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