Monday, 5 August 2013

10 things about me you may or may not know

  1. The meaning of name is "like the moon" which i LOVE. It's a celestial name and I think it's beautiful and holds a lot of symbolism in a way? a lot of encouragements I've got from people have been about that, which is lovely.
  2. I wasn't born in the UK, I'm full Persian, i think it's pretty cool now, but i use to hate it when i was younger.
  3. I tend to have a lot of outspurts of love, i just  love love love people, i just think people are amazing and i really genuinely enjoy getting to know them. I also have the bestest friends in the entire world.
  4. You probably did know this, but i'm a Christian.
  5. I use to play the piano, once upon a time i was really good, but i quit and that's probably my biggest regret. I can still play a little, but obviously not as good.
  6. I get told a lot that i'm really weird, but i think it's because i just speak my thoughts.
  7. I am bi-lingual.
  8. I actually really care about the environment, and i'm really in to healthiness and natural/organic things
  9. My favourite place in the entire world is this little building on t-street.
  10. I'm not very good at finishing things, but i'm learning how to.

Hope you enjoyed finding out a little bit about me, comment below and tell me a random fact about yourself :)


  1. i love your blog!
    im half french and was exactly the same as you with hating it when I was younger

    id love for you to check out my blog


    1. thankyou! and yay i wasn't alone, looking back now i find it strange, but i can understand why.

      and ofcourse i will xx

  2. aww, why did you hate being full persian? it has such a rich culture!! x

    1. i don't know really, and it does, i just didn't think about that when i was younger ha xx

  3. I wish I could play the piano, and I think it's awesome that you're bi-lingual! Plus your name is beautiful! xx

    1. same! i'm learning guitar at the moment though, and thankyou so much lovely xx

  4. great post


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