Monday, 26 August 2013

My exam results + a burst of motivation and advice

 (Quick disclaimer: Obviously this post is more intended towards people younger than i am as i can't comment on a-levels, but who knows maybe if you're older than me you will also benefit from this. I'm in no way trying to show off, i worked hard to get these results and i know some people probably did better, but i'm super happy with these.)

Hey guys, so i got my GCSE results on Thursday and i love finding out what other people got so i thought i'd share mine with you all, how i got them and to offer you all a bit of motivation and advice.

I got 1 A*, 4 A's, 4 B's, 1 Merit and 1 Distinction, wowwwwwww! I am so happy and proud of myself, but  this time last year i was definitely not on these grades. I use to be so awful at maths i left year 10 on an E grade, but in year 11 i worked hard, was determined, had a great teacher and in November(3 months in) i bagged a C, and in March i got my B and if i didn't drop it i think i could of got an A. So i just want to encourage/motivate you all with this, nothing is impossible, you can achieve the things that seem impossible to you! I'm a living example.
Also some more advice i'd give is to speak out if you've got a rubbish teacher, at the end of the day these are your grades, switch classes or get tutoring, anything that will help you.

Finnally, RELAX. A lot of people need to just calmdown. Just have some time to relax, get in the right mindset; yes exams are very important, it may determine a part of your life, but it doesn't determine your whole life ever. Also getting stressed isn't going to help anything at all, just do your best, your best is enough and all anyone can ever ask of you. You will be ok.
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So to summarise, workhard, do your best, relax and just enjoy it! Nothing is impossible for you. I hope this has been been helpful to some of you, comment below what you think, lots of love.


  1. Congratulations! I am in year 10 so I have only done 2 of my GCSEs but I got an A in Science and a B in BCS and literally gave up my whole social life haha!

    1. thankyou lovely! and wow well done!! less for you to have to do next year now :) xx

  2. Well done, those are great results! I'm in year 13 now but I think your tips are relevant all the time! xx

    1. thanks so much :)and yay i'm really glad they are!xx


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