Friday, 23 August 2013

The land of beautiful blondes, vikings and cycling

I've recently come back off holiday from Denmark, we were staying with some of my family and apart from being homesick i had a lovely time and i thought i'd share it with you. 

When we arrived we went straight to Lego land, it was so fun, i went on so many rollarcoasters, which isn't very like me, but i had a bit of a "yolo" moment... In all honesty it is beautiful though, i mean everything is made out of Lego!!! It's pretty cool.
 We also went to a cherry tree farm and picked lots of cherries(and ate alot too), i didn't get any pictures though because i forgot my camera, but that too was SO much fun, i love cherries. 

Whilst we were in Denmark, i really wanted to go cycling; i don't really get a chance to here in the UK because of the lack of cycle routes, but Denmark has SO many, everyone rides their bike. I was riding in the sunset aswell, it was so picturesque(until i crashed in to a hedge, it was dignifying)
 In the city we were staying, there was a really old village they'd made sort of museum-y which i found really interesting. I'm really in to history and culture, it was quite surreal seeing how people use to live.
 And of course, you can't be on holiday and not go to the beach; it was B-E-A-UTIFUL. White sand, clean blue sea.
So, that was my holiday, comment below how yours was, i love hearing what you guys have to say. Thanks for reading!


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