Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Come on baby be with me, so happily.

Hey lovelies, I thought I'd let you all know about a certain album that I'm really enjoying at the moment! It might not be for everyone, but those people who usually say "I like all kinds of music" like myself, will definitely enjoy this! 

It's called Midnight Memories by One Direction, which i'm sure most of you guys must will be familiar with, and I have to say- I've joined the hype and I'm absolutely loving them! They seem like such lovely guys and I've always really liked them in general, but their music is honestly really good- it's definitely a very rock-y kind of sound in it's roots, but it's still very fun and very pop like. 
My favourite song off the album has to be Happily!  I could listen to it on repeat for hours and I always catch myself having a huge smile on my face when I listen to them; all of their songs are just so incredibly fun, young, energetic and they make you feel good! If you've not listened to Midnight Memories yet, but like One Direction or if you're not quite sure If it'd be up your street, just go for it, have a listen, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised! 

*warning: by the end of the album you may turn an insy bit fangirl and have a new found guilty pleasure*

If like me, you're already in love with the Album, what's your favourite song that they've done?


  1. Happily is my fav too Mahsa
    Love you xx

    1. we share good taste ;) love you joannaaaaaa xx

  2. One Direction are such a guilty pleasure of mine!!

  3. I love One Direction so much! Bit odd to be a fan of theirs at 24 so it's a secret and I dont admit it too often! Happily is my favourite too, oh and half a heart is great too! :) x

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    1. don't worry i know of people older that love them and me neither, but i've embraced my inner directioner now! happily is a great song xx

  4. haha YEY you finally joined us! Can't wait to be singing oen direction with you at college ;) xxx


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